Mission and Goals

The Triangle Area Auburn Club is dedicated to enhancing the engagement and connection of all Auburn University alumni and friends in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

Our Vision is to advance Auburn University by engaging our Triangle Area community and cultivating their passion for and loyalty to the university.

Our Goals

  1. Foster an open and inclusive environment that increases connectivity between alumni in the Triangle Area and the university, including student to alumni transition
  2. Diversify programs and services to our members in the Triangle Area to increase meaningful engagement
  3. Develop an integrated communication plan to reach all Auburn alumni family and friends in all parts of the Triangle – Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, and beyond!
  4. Establish mutually beneficial partnerships with our stakeholders that support us
  5. Develop a sustainable plan to ensure the Auburn Alumni Association remains fiscally sound and well poised for the future.